Terms & Conditions


  • Enrolment form must be completed and signed.
  • A 25% deposit or full fees, must be paid to reserve your place at time of booking.
  • The full payment of fees and accommodation costs must be paid in full no later than 30 days before course starts.
  • For non-EU students full payment must be received before the issue of a visa letter or CAS number.
  • A one-off registration fee of £80 will be added to your total costs, this covers class materials, administration charges and certificate of completion. All textbooks must be purchased from reception.
  • You can enrol in person, online or print the form, complete and send it to us by email.
  • Unless payment or proof of payment has been received by ELA, you will not be admitted to class.
  • Fees are payable in Pounds Sterling.
  • All bank and credit card charges are payable in full by the sender.
  • Medical insurance is strongly advised. Please make sure adequate travel insurance is in place prior to travel arrangements made. ELA can arrange the insurance for you, please let us know at the time of enrolment.
  • Minimum term of study is one week applicable to full and part time students.
  • Any payment made towards booking a place of study (deposit or full fees) is confirmation of the acceptance of the ELA’s Terms and Conditions.
  • A full-time course is regarded as a minimum of 15 hours of class time per week.
  • Non-EU students MUST enrol on a full-time course



The payments can be made online using the following payment methods:

  • Via PayPal (using a PayPal account or your credit/debit card)
  • By bank transfer – the bank account details are specified on the invoice (for international payments both IBAN and BIC/SWIFT are provided.

For late bookings, if you are already in Edinburgh and we have a space available you can pay the course by cash.


In the event of circumstances beyond our control or where the number of bookings received does not reach the minimum number required to operate a course viably, ELA reserves the right to change or cancel services offered, including details of courses, facilities and dates of programmes. Alternatives offered will be equivalent or greater value than the original booking.


Cancellation and course curtailing charges

  • If you cancel or curtail the course more than 30 days before arrival date, we will retain or charge you a £150 cancellation fee (see ‘Refund policy’ below for charges relating to visa refusal).
  • If you cancel or curtail the course between 30 days and 8 days before your arrival date, we will charge you 50% of the total invoice price.
  • If you cancel or curtail the course less than 7 days before your arrival date or if you fail to arrive, we will charge you 100% of the total invoice price.
  • In the event of course cancellation after the start of the course, there will be no refund given.

Refund policy

  • In the event that a student leaves ELA before completing the full duration of a purchased course of study, ELA will not refund any amount.
  • In the case of a student requires a UK entry visa to study at ELA, if the student is unsuccessful in obtaining a visa, we will provide a refund when we receive written evidence of a visa refusal but it must be at least 8 days before the start of the course. Under any circumstances, a copy of the visa refusal letter and written confirmation of course cancellation by the student/representative must be supplied at least 8 days before the course start date. Please note that we will deduct the following charges: a £150 administration charge, courier fees (if applicable), bank transfer charges, any other charges relating to the issuing of a refund. Note also, students that have booked Homestay accommodation via ELA, and who give fewer than 8 days notice, will be required to pay 2 week’s accommodation, and this in addition to the other refund charges stated above. For any other accommodation types such as hotels and student residence there will be no refunds given.
  • No refund will be made if fraudulent documents are found to have been submitted with the visa application or if the relevant UK Home Office Immigration Rules and School immigration guidelines have not been followed.
  • In the event of exceptional circumstances students can, at the discretion of the school, defer a course start to an agreed future commencement date. Note that if the school no longer offers the course that the student originally enrolled on, we will offer an equivalent course instead and will not issue a refund.
  • Reduced rates are given for longer courses. If these courses are curtailed for any reason they will be re-invoiced at the higher rate.
  • The transfer of fees from one student to another is not permitted.
  • Our refund policy also applies to cases of repeated absenteeism, additionally, the ELA Certificate of Completion will not be awarded to students that show poor attendance.
  • Please note, if student is late for the class for more than 30 minutes, the lesson will be lost.
  • All 1to1 lessons require at least 24 hour notice to be re-scheduled.
  • If teacher is late for more than 30 minutes, the lesson will be re-scheduled.

Policy relating to accommodation changes

  • If you no longer require Homestay accommodation and wish to change the accommodation you require during your stay, you may do it by giving a two week notice. However, after the commencement of the course, there will be no refund given for the accommodation change.
  • If you require ELA to assist with the change of accommodation type (for example from Homestay to privately rented accommodation) there will be an administration charge of £150.
  • Any other accommodation change request is subject to a week’s notice and subject to availability. One week’s fee will be charged to students
  • Groups who booked Homestay accommodation will be provided with accommodation details 3 days prior to arrival.
  • Any deviation from the above stated policy on accommodation changes is at the discretion of the school principal.

 Travel Insurance

It is a mandatory requirement, and it is the full responsibility of any agent or school that books a course with ELA, to ensure that all students have suitable travel insurance for their period of stay, and this must include cover for flight cancellations and flight delays. ELA cannot be held responsible for any financial damages that an agent or school booking with ELA may incur in the event that suitable travel insurance has not been purchased.


  • All disputes are governed by Scots Law.
  • Any formal complaints or demands are accepted within 14 days after the completion of the course.

Public and Student Holidays

ELA is closed on New Year’s Day (1 January) and 2 January (Public Holiday in Scotland), Christmas Day (25 December), Boxing Day (26 December) Student holidays can be taken for a full week which commences on a Monday and finishes on a Friday. Holidays cannot be taken mid-week or carried forward from one course booking to another. Any public holidays or any days when ELA is closed are made clear when booking a course.



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