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  • Executive English
    This Blended Learning ‘Executive English’ course has been designed for busy professionals who want to improve their language skills but can’t spend a whole week away […]
  • Business English
    English has become not just the language of business, but the language of the internet, medicine, research and engineering. The ability to communicate effectively in English […]
  • Industry Specific English
    ELA Business is launching a series of specialised courses to support business corporations, industry and government institutions. Our intensive courses can be tailored to your specific […]
  • Tourism & Hospitality
    After partnering up with the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, ELA is happy to offer the globally recognised professional qualifications for Tourism and Hospitality Industry. ELA is […]
  • Language Audit
    Do your staff need to develop their English language skills? Perhaps you’ve identified that they need some training, but don’t know where to start. This is […]
  • Skype Lessons
    If you can’t make it to ELA, we can come to you – through SKYPE! Perhaps you cannot leave your busy work schedule, or the timing […]
  • Corporate Groups
    Our Corporate Groups offer companies the chance the develop their employee’s level of English. Irrespective of the industry, English is the language of international business communication. […]
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