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April 6, 2018
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About the course

Our Business Training course is designed to help you develop the English communication skills required to carry out your job effectively and professionally. Participants have the option of joining a small group or having one-to-one sessions. This course is designed for managers and executives who are already established in their careers but wish to improve their communication skills for international situations.

These sessions will focus on developing your ability in:

Preparing and Delivering Presentations
Presentations in your second language can be a daunting and often problematic task. Whether it is creating accurate visuals or linking sections of your speech together, delivering effective presentations is not easy. On our Business training Course, we will work with you from the initial planning stage through to a training delivery.
Meetings are often referred to as the ‘backbone’ of an effective team. Communication between members is vital to ensuring success. Meetings are often quick and intense which can be a challenge if they are in your second language. On our Business Training course, your tutors will provide you with a number of interesting and realistic scenarios which will give you opportunity to develop your skills in conducting and participating in meetings.
Networking is a vital part of a company’s growth and much of it takes place in an informal environment. On our Business Training course you will be given the opportunity to practise your socialising skills in a variety of situations.
Writing Emails
The internet has revolutionised business communication. Small businesses have the opportunity to become global players in a relatively short time. What once took months now takes days. On our Business Training course you will given the opportunity to develop your formal online writing skills in a number of realistic scenarios.
Tele/Video Conferencing
Impromptu telephone calls are often difficult to deal with irrespective of language levels, but the telephone and video conferencing tools, such as ‘Skype’, have become synonymous with communication. On our Business Training course you will given the opportunity to practise dealing with enquiries online.
Communication is an art form and nowhere is this more apparent than in Negotiating. Being a strong, confident negotiator is a skill that takes time to develop. On our Business Training course our trainers will provide you with realistic scenarios that will help you develop your English negotiating skills.
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  • It's a great pleasure to be in touch with you again! I'll surely recommend ELA to friends and colleagues interested in attending general or professional English courses as your Legal English course has given me useful skills for my job. Hope to be soon in Edinburgh again!
    Fabrizia Torre, Italy
  • I was already studying at ELA before starting attended the Business English course. Then, as I was happy to study there, I decided to take this course in order to improve my knowledge in this area as it is my domain of studying in France. What I found the most useful was that we were in a little group of study. Then, I found that my time there was really efficient. My favorite teaching method was when I had to talk in front of everyone. It forced me to use the skills I got previously. I enjoyed to be fully immersed in a British culture. The best advice I could give is not to be afraid to be criticized.
    Guillaume Cavallari, France
  • We cooperate with ELA-Edinburgh since 2011. We must say that the academic process is organised in a highly professional way, friendly atmosphere of the staff together with the rich historical heritage of Scotland's capital Edinburgh make the stay of our students unforgettable and joyful.
    Study Zone Minsk, Belarus
  • Thanks to everyone from this school. It was really nice to meet all of you. I would like you to know that I spent 2 wonderful weeks at ELA and I hope to see you again.
    Vladislav Gustinovich, Poland
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Our business training course is designed for managers and CEOs who are already established in their careers but wish to improve their communication, negotiating and writing skills for international situation.

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